Boppy Newborn Lounger Nursing Pillow Review 2017

  • Heatiness
  • Lifespan
  • Warranty
  • Price


  • Designed for while your baby is awake, keeping them both comfortable and secure.
  • Due to the mess that babies are known for; manufactured with easy-clean material to ensure that any spills can be cleaned off easily without to much hassle
  • Designed with an interior to perfectly and comfortably fit with a newborn's bottom!
  • A further feature is a convenient carrier handle making it portable while your baby is enjoying the comfort and feeling of flying when you are carrying him / her.
  • Comes at a really affordable price as you can see here

Are you tired of your current lounger retaining dirt quicker than you can clean it up; or perhaps you are still on the search for a lounger that provides comfort while still allowing portability for your baby and you respectively? If either of these scenarios is the case for you then read on as we delve into what makes the Boppy nursing pillow, a good investment and where the fundamental design flaws come into play!

Who should be interested in the Boppy Newborn Lounger

boppy-newborn-lounger-reviewThis product is truly suitable for almost all newborn babies – it’s a place of comfort for them to lay while they discover the mysterious of hands and toys; it’s a way for you to transport them while they are sleeping through the handles that are equipped with this product and much more. Therefore, the Boppy Newborn Lounger is truly ideal for all mothers with newborn babies!

Features that the Boppy Newborn Lounger is equipped with

  • boppy-newborn-lounger-review-2016Can support your baby up until approximately 16 pounds; therefore this product has a decent life span ahead of it upon purchasing.
  • Convenient carrier handles attached to allow portability while your baby chills.
  • Designed specifically for newborns; ensuring that the interior is aligned perfectly for both maximum comfort and security.
  • Easy clean fabric; even with the nastiest mess stains that babies often discover how to make!
  • Designed for while the baby is awake; ensuring that the baby is secure while playing and being fascinated with these random things on their hands that have been called fingers.

This is one of the few products that have almost nothing bad to tarnish its name, which is of course rather unique and rare in a product. However, most customers who have bought it are perfectly satisfied with it claiming that it does everything exactly as it is advertised!

There have however been a few comments left by consumers who believed that this product came equipped with a cover that one can remove and wash separately; Although this is not the case, the Boppy Newborn Lounger comes manufactured with material that makes cleaning super easy, meaning that there is no need for the Boppy Newborn Lounger to come equipped with a cover as that would just be redundant hassle for the consumer.

Final Verdict

As stated earlier in this review, the Boppy Lounger has almost no real disadvantages into the purchase of the product. Not only is it affordable but the one disadvantage that it does have is rectified by the material that is used when they manufactured this product.

The Boppy Newborn Lounger was designed specifically to ensure that both mothers and babies were happy alike through providing a quality, comfortable and secure environment for your newborn baby to relax in while they play and chill – these aims were more than met, one can be assured of happiness through owning this product.

Therefore, if you are one who is looking for an easier, more convenient method of keeping your baby comfortable while they are awake; then the Boppy Newborn Lounger is certainly the product that you should consider investing into as it is almost a perfect tool to suit your needs!

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