Restorology Full 60-Inch Body Pregnancy Pillow Review

  • Heatiness
  • Lifespan
  • Warranty
  • Price



  • Full body support
  • Multifunctional
  • Machine washable cover
  • Prevents and relieves pregnancy symptoms
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Pillow too small for all body sizes

The Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is a specially designed pillow, primarily targeted toward pregnant women and new mothers, designed to follow the natural curves and contours of your body, especially the back and belly, for full body support. The pregnancy pillow unique shape means that your head, back, and pregnant belly are all supported thoroughly at the same time!


  • Item weighs 7.2 pounds
  • Product dimensions: 19.6 x 14.6 x 11.8 inches
  • Fully detachable zippered cover, machine washable and tumble dryer safe.
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Restorology Pillow Features

Do you currently sleep with numerous pillow crammed in around your body? The Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow takes the place of all the single pillows you are using at the moment, saving you bed space. No need to annoy your other half by using all the pillows and leaving them no space to sleep, this pillow will solve all those problems.


Although targeted at pregnant women, the pillow itself can provide much use and comfort for many people. The shape, size and design of the pillow allows it to be useful to a number of people with other pain related conditions such as, lower back pain, fibromyalgia, poor posture, athletic pain, injuries resulting in the need for physical therapy etc. The shape promotes healthy sleep and the support given to the whole body will help relieve the pain caused during a normal night’s sleep.


The pillow is multifunctional as it can be used in many situations throughout the day. Not just a comfort while sleeping, this pillow also gives support while reading or watching tv. It can be folded and sat on to allow back and neck support and a comfortable cushioned seat. It is also incredibly useful for breastfeeding mothers as it simultaneously provides support for mothers back as well as support for baby while feeding.

As any new mother will tell you, with a new baby in the house the washing machine is always running. A worry when nursing or feeding is whether the blankets, pillows, clothes etc nearby can be washed easily just in case of sick or spills. Well, the Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is fitted with a zip release pillow cover which makes it easy to remove and clean. The pillow case is machine washable and can also be tumble dried.


Ask any pregnant woman if they are experiencing any body pains during pregnancy and you’ll be hit with a resounding ‘Yes!’ From back pain to swollen ankles, reflux to sciatica, an expecting mother is going through it all. This product not only supports your body while sleeping or resting but it actually helps relieve the pains associated with pregnancy. The pillows unique shape means that your body is positioned in a such a way to prevent and relieve things like heartburn, sciatica and back pain. The difference in pregnancy before and after using the Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is just unbelievable and you will not regret giving it a go.

If you are still not convinced this pillow is right for you or your loved one then Restorology has still got you covered. The have such confidence in their products that they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you try the product and just can’t get comfortable with it or find a major flaw with the product then you simply need to contact the company and they will accept the returned item and issue you a full refund.

When researching reviews of this product it is hard to find any reason why people are rating the item low. The most mentioned problem is probably the size of the pillow. Some state that it takes up too much room in the bed or is too big and bulky that you cannot move the pillow easily. The Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is designed to be big enough to support your whole body, for this purpose it needs to be the length and width of an average person. Although the size may be a problem for some, the benefits of it being that way should far outweigh the negatives.

Final Verdict

The Restorology Full Body Pregnancy Pillow is a product no pregnant woman, or chronic pain sufferer should be without. It’s firm filling melds to the body providing support for the areas most affected by pain points. Its unique shape means the body’s natural curves are protected and supported with promotes an easy and sound sleep for anyone. It will help eliminate those nasty body aches and pains and allow you more ease of movement during the day. The reviews speak for themselves at 95% five-star feedback on Amazon, so why wait? Order your Full Body Pillow today!


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